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Lauren Shaps MSW, RSW


A combination of coaching and counselling has been shown to have significant impact on individuals and families. Through our work together, you will build confidence in your abilities, gain an appreciation of your own potential, and be better equipped to face life's challenges.

In a warm and compassionate environment that is safe and confidential, I bring a flexible approach and diversity of experience to the counselling relationship.

Lauren Shaps Profile

A Little About Me

I have spent over ten years working as a school social worker with students, teachers, and parents addressing the social, emotional and learning issues of children and adolescents. I am also a mother of five and a young grandmother.

In addition, I have a great deal of experience in non-profit education and community building. This experience has brought me unique insight into the complexity of interpersonal struggles that many of us face - in families, social connections and work life.

Working with individuals in the context of community has given me a greater understanding of relationships, communication, group dynamics, and organizational psychology. Through my professional training and background, life experiences, and commitment to high professional standards I am able to help individuals, couples, and families navigate the difficult challenges they face in their lives.

How I Can Help You

I offer both individual and family counselling. I work with parents and children, as well as individuals looking to bring mindfulness, emotional regulation, stress reduction and many practical tools for wellness into their world.

Areas that might be of concern to you:

  • problematic relationships that lead to stress, disappointment, or difficulty knowing how to respond
  • difficulty getting along with a spouse or partner
  • overwhelming emotion such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, or other mental health concerns
  • parenting is a constant struggle
  • different styles and approaches to parenting, money, communication, etc. which cause tension in the relationship with your spouse or partner
  • difficulty saying “no”, setting limits or creating healthy boundaries
  • wanting more positive and connected relationships

I will work with you to develop a specifically designed programme of sessions to address your unique needs and concerns.

My Credentials


  • Master of Social Work, Wurzweiler School of Social Work, New York City

Member of:

Registration Number: LRS15931

The registered psychologist supervising my practice is Dr. Brenda Saxe.

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Take that first Step

Contact me by email or phone. Through our work together you will build confidence in your abilities, gain an appreciation of your own potential, and be better equipped to face life's challenges.